Puzzle for you!

Five people have been borrowing books on various subjects from the library.

Can you detemine the borrower, the title and the subject of each book?

1. Alfred borrowed ”How to cope!”

2. Did Belinda borrow the book with the subject of History of Crooks?

3. ”Slippery Fish” (but not on the subject of Mother-in-law Avoidance) was taken out by Gemma.

4. Alfred was not the man whose subject was Matchboxes.

5. The book ”Brain Fodder” was on the subject of Sanity.

6. Val borrowed the book on the subject of fish.

7. Craig borrowed ”Noble Dwellings.”

8. ”Sole Thought” was also lent out.

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3 Responses to “Puzzle for you!”

  1. thelogiczone Says:

    First person to answer correctly wins an e-book!

  2. lynmarie Says:

    Alfred borrowed “How to Cope” about Mother-in-law avoidance; Belinda borrowed “Brain Fodder” on Sanity (therefore the answer to #2 is NO; Craig borrowed “Noble Dwellings” about Matchboxes; Gemma borrowed “Slippery Fish” on the subject of History of Crooks; and Val borrowed “Sole Thought” on the subject of fish.

  3. thelogiczone Says:

    Well done lynmarie your answer is correct! I will email the logic zone ebook through to you

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