UK Book Bloggers

Here is a list of Book Blog reviewers from or living in the UK. If you’re not on the list and wish to be just let me know.

51 Stories
BCF Book Reviews
Bookannelid Book Reviews
Books do furnish a room
Daemonwolf Books
Dovegreyreader Scribbles
Eve’s Alexandria
Kate’s Reviews
Katrina’s Reads
Keeper of the Snails
Lizzie’s Literary Life
Notes of a Book Dreamer
On The Shelf
Professor Yaffle
Reading Matters
Rooms With Books
Somewhere in the Distance
Stuck in a Book
Table Talk
The Book Gnome
The Good The Bad and The Boring
Vulpes Libris
Words and Pictures
You can never have too many books


One Response to “UK Book Bloggers”

  1. chartroose Says:

    Yep, I know a couple I think you’ll like. One is Stephen Lang, and his blog is called “Booked Out.” The other one is Kirsty at “Other Stories.” You can find them listed on my blog. Oh, I think Stewart at “Lit Love” is British as well.

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