Fragment by Warren Fahy

fragmentWelcome to Henders Island where many weird and wonderful new creatures run amoc. An island separate from the rest of humanity where life has evolved in a different form.

It’s not a place I would wish to visit for my holidays, although the novel certainly makes for entertaining reading. It’s action packed drama all the way. It’s not a novel with deep characterisation, but it’s exceptionally gripping and a complete page turner. I really can see this transferring to the big screen very well as it very much puts me in the mind of Jurassic Park. It’s really thrilling and keeps you on your toes. I found it well written and easy to follow although it did require some imagination to conjure up the animals in my mind, but actually that was quite fun.

The last 100 or so pages of the book took me a little by surprise as I was not expecting the course that the book took. It was all good though!

If you want all out action and you can appreciate a deviation from reality I suggest you read this. It’s a great entertaining read.

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Cliffhanger by T J Middleton (Tim Binding)

Middle class modern England, quaint village by the sea with some lovely cliffs: here we meet Al Greenwood and his wife Audrey. This story is told from the perspective of Al. Initially we find out that Al has had enough of his wife and it’s time to be rid of her and he intends to do this by pushing her off a cliff; that’s the plan anyway! Another young lady called Miranda disappears at the same time. You’ll have to read it to find out how she fits into the story.

It’s a mystery and comedy rolled into one. Al is a very strange character; well actually everyone in this book is strange! Al loves his Asagi koi carp (Torvill & Dean) and finds himself in the company of a local policeman that can also see the finer side of fish! The neighbour Alice Blackstock, otherwise known as Mrs Poke Nose, seems like an old hippy at heart and when she makes stuffing to accompany the pork chops at a dinner party we can wonder what her secret ingredient is that means they take 10 minutes to chew through and why are they so irresistible? This book is really funny and one can’t help at times feeling a bit sorry for Al, but at the same time thinking he’s a selfish prize idiot. They certainly are a wonderful set of characters to follow and the tale of Kim out at night with a lady roaming the countryside had me in stitches.

It certainly feels like a right English romp and there is so much to find funny in this book and I would definitely recommend it as it’s a lovely read.

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Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesdays asks you to:

* Grab your current read.

* Let the book fall open to a random page.

* Share with us two (2) “teaser” sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12.

*Please avoid spoilers

“As I saw Fitz approach the café door, he spotted me through the window and glowered. His face looked scarlet, anger shone out of every pore.”

Taken from: Paying for it by Tony Black (p125)

If you’re offended by strong and course language I would advise you to avoid this book, but it really appeals to my dark sense of humour.

Paying For It (A Gus Dury Novel) by Tony Black

Paying For It by Tony Black

Set in Edinburgh this is an atmospheric and gritty novel, but also full of dark humour. Gus Dury is an ex-journalist and his wife is divorcing him as the demon drink has taken a strong hold of him. His friend Col’s son is found dead, but the police say that he committed suicide. Gus finds out this isn’t true and Col asks him to find the killer of his son and what’s with the cover-up? Gus endeavours to find the truth and along the way we meet some unsavoury characters, as well as a wolf, and see Gus facing his own demons regarding his upbringing with his cruel and harsh father.

What a fantastic crime novel, I found this exceptionally entertaining. At times it felt you could really warm to Gus, but then at others you just wanted to yell at him to get a grip, but then I guess that’s the way it can be with alcoholics. I found that characterization was great, plot was superb and it was really fast paced and also contained emotional depth. For me this had everything that I love in a book, although be careful if you don’t like strong and sometimes course language. I have visited Edinburgh, but feel I only scratched the surface and there’s much more to it than meets the eye if this novel’s anything to go by. What I also find strange is that I’ve read Ian Rankin, but his books have never really shouted at me, but this book most certainly does!

Gus is definitely a character I wish to follow and I can’t wait for the sequel: Gutted.

I highly recommend this book!

Tony Blacks Website

Interview with Tony Black

Paying For It documentary


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Quiver by Peter Leonard

Quiver by Peter Leonard

The story is of Luke and his mum Kate, who is a bit of a superwoman and the loss of her husband: Owen in a hunting accident with a bow, which Luke feels somewhat to blame for. After his death Luke has difficulties settling down, and Kate meets an old flame: Jack, who has only recently been freed from jail, which is unknown to her. Luke disappears and suddenly she is facing a kidnapping, as she has been left a fortune by Owen but instead of falling to bits, superwoman comes to the fore.

I found this book very easy to read and I felt it was written ready for the big screen. I enjoyed the second half of the book more so that the first half as it became easier to understand once you could see where all the characters were merging. I didn’t really connect with the characters and thought that the story was a bit lacking in plot, but I think in film mode this may work quite well.

Overall I would say I enjoyed parts of the story and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys a story written in a format that translates well to the big screen.


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Quiver by Peter Leonard

I have been chosen by Librarything this month to review Quiver by Peter Leonard. This will be the second thriller that I have been chosen for in quick succession, but that is not too surprising, as my LT list at the moment does contain an awful lot of thrillers. I am still awaiting Protect and Defend that I was chosen for last month, but hopefully it will arrive shortly.

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You Belong to Me by Mary Higgins Clark

You belong to Me by Mary Higgins Clark is about Dr. Susan Chandler who is a clinical psychologist and also has a slot called Ask Dr Susan on a popular radio station. On one of these shows Susan has a guest: Dr Donald Richards who has lost his wife and written a book called Vanishing Women and this discussion finds them talking about Regina a lady who disappeared off a cruise ship; this leads to another lady, Carolyn, who calls into the show and states she had befriended a man on a cruise ship. Following on from this call she states she will send Susan the ring this man gave her with the inscription; “You Belong To Me” and also a photo. Before this can happen she is run over by a van and ends up in a coma in hospital. Death then follows death in this fast paced novel.

I did enjoy, to a degree, this novel and it was a very quick read and had me wanting to know what was going to happen next. It tries to confuse you over who was the really bad guy, but I think most people will see who he is quite quickly. Even though I enjoyed the thriller I found a problem with the characters in the book, as they all appeared very flat, cold and dull and I couldn’t warm to any of them. It isn’t one of my favorite thrillers, but if you find it on your TBR pile it’s good for a quick read.


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