Book Ratings & Me

Welcome to my blog of book reviews, which I’ve made for me to keep track of what I’ve read and how much I’ve enjoyed it. If the reviews prove useful to anybody else to that’s a bonus and hope it’ll encourage people to read in general and maybe even try a genre they’ve never tried before.

Generally I would say my blog will be reviews, of Mystery, thrillers, contemporary fiction and memoirs.

There is a particular genre that I can never see myself reading and that’s westerns, maybe I’m missing out on something. Can anyone out there give a reason to try one?

My Ratings

For ease, I have rated all the books I’ve reviewed out of 5 stars and I consider anything a 3 or over definitely worth a glance, but lower than three: my advice is to steer clear. I do appreciate we all have different tastes though and it’s only my opinion being expressed here.

My Writing

I am an author of sorts myself; nothing grand, but I have published an e-book of logic problem puzzles that I have written myself: The Logic Zone ebook

I also have a logic website called The Logic Zone :Here you will find another selection of puzzles that I have written.


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