Fragment by Warren Fahy

fragmentWelcome to Henders Island where many weird and wonderful new creatures run amoc. An island separate from the rest of humanity where life has evolved in a different form.

It’s not a place I would wish to visit for my holidays, although the novel certainly makes for entertaining reading. It’s action packed drama all the way. It’s not a novel with deep characterisation, but it’s exceptionally gripping and a complete page turner. I really can see this transferring to the big screen very well as it very much puts me in the mind of Jurassic Park. It’s really thrilling and keeps you on your toes. I found it well written and easy to follow although it did require some imagination to conjure up the animals in my mind, but actually that was quite fun.

The last 100 or so pages of the book took me a little by surprise as I was not expecting the course that the book took. It was all good though!

If you want all out action and you can appreciate a deviation from reality I suggest you read this. It’s a great entertaining read.

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Kicked Out by Richard W Hardwick

kicked outThis is the tale of sixteen year old Danny who is made homeless when kicked out of home by his parents after disappearing for two days after his sixteenth birthday.

I started this and really wasn’t sure it was going to be to my taste, but I was glad to be proved wrong. I found the writing style easy to read, but initially it was interspersed with other bits of writing that made the story a little difficult to follow, but this became less over the course of the book. I found that initially Danny came across as a very shallow young lad, but after being made homeless and then finding himself a place in a young people’s hostel I started to see another side to Danny appear. He makes a pal there called Goocher, although finds himself sharing a room with a ’smackhead’ Paul. Lots of fighting happens at the hostel along with drugs, sex and drink, but we also see the camaraderie of the young people and how they will look out for their pals.

When Lucy comes into the picture we can really start to see the softer side to Danny and it makes you feel so sad that his own family have become dysfunctional.

I found that through the story I really started to root for Danny and really hope that he could pull his life around and make something of himself. I then start thinking about life on the streets and those that are homeless. Many probably have much they could give to society, but with their upbringings and hardships that they have had to face make this an almost impossible task for them.

Overall I would say this is a novel that really draws you in and can help you understand the lives of those less fortunate than yourself and I felt could make you think under different circumstances “that could be me!” I have certainly been surprised by other’s behaviour (people that I think I know well) when they have been put under a certain set of circumstances and so I know that people can be a mix of many things depending on their situation. I think this is a book that will stick with me for sure and it’s certainly one that I would recommend.

Published by:  Burning House

RRP: £7.99