The Sunday Salon – 28th September

The last Salon of the month again! I’ve received two books through the mail this week, which I was lucky enough to win from the Book Club Forum. They are both by the author Lucy Diamond and are: Any Way You Want Me & Over You. Reviews will be posted on my site when I get the chance to read them, however I have a few outstanding review books that I intend to read first. I have just reviewed the latest book Sugar-Baby Bridge here. I found this a very intriguing book and was surprised how it held me in it’s grip! I’ve just started another review book which is: Precious Cargo by Clyde Ford which is much more my usual genre. I’m looking forward to finding the time to finish it this coming week.

I was also lucky in winning a bookmark signed by Tess Gerritsen from Bookish Ruth. Thank you – I can never have enough bookmarks I almost love them as much as books!

Hope you’ve all had a great Sunday and I’m still looking for more book bloggers from the UK. If you know of any let me know and I’ll add them here.


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