The Sunday Salon 21/09/2008

Two more books have arrived this week and again I wish to read them straight away. It would be lovely to find some more time to read, but this life business does tend to get in the way at times and soon I will have even less time as it’s Cross Country running season and as both of my youngsters compete it will mean quite a lot of travelling over the weekends to participate in these different events. I do love seeing them race and living their high and lows in the world of competing though so it’s definitely worth it.

The 2 books to add to my TBR pile this week are:

Stalking Irish Madness by Patrick Tracey
& Unspoken by Sam Hayes
I’m expecting a couple more books this week and so I will definitely see if I can speed up. I have almost finished Cliffhanger by T.J. Middleton (finished this now – review here)& will be considering what to attack next.

Have a grand Sunday everyone whatever you may be up to and wherever you are.


5 Responses to “The Sunday Salon 21/09/2008”

  1. Literary Feline Says:

    I know what you mean about life business keeping us away from our reading sometimes. I hope you have a great week!

  2. gautami tripathy Says:

    I to received a few books this week and won two more in giveaways. It feels so good right now.

    Happy reading to you..

    Interesting blogs, links and books

  3. marie Says:

    Stalking Irish Madness looks like fun 🙂

  4. marie Says:

    I mean, it did, before I looked at the description. Oops.

  5. Ann Darnton (Table Talk) Says:

    Life is just such a nuisance at times, isn’t it? The trouble is if there was no such thing then authors would have nothing about which to write and we would have nothing to read. What a state of affairs that would be!

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