The Sunday Salon – More books arriving!

Review books to be read

I’ve had two more books arrive this Saturday to add to my TBR list, but they’ll be near the top as they’re books I have to review. The books are:

Cliffhanger by T.J. Middleton.

Aberrations by Penelope Przekop.

I am really wanting to get into them straight away, but I have 2 review books already on the go and I’ve got to finish at least one of those before I start another. I find that I can read 1 non-fiction and 1 fiction together and that’s fine, but I don’t like adding more to the mix as I feel it somehow waters down what I take from each book.

This week it doesn’t feel as if I’ve had much time for reading again, but at least it’s been much better than the last couple of weeks.

I hope some of you may be up for a challenge to win an e-book see here. I do enjoy making the odd puzzle or 2!

Happy Sunday salon everyone and hope you’ll all have a great day!

Also if you’re a book blogger and also based in the UK let me know, somehow I don’t seem to find many of us!


7 Responses to “The Sunday Salon – More books arriving!”

  1. Meghan Says:

    I’m moving to the UK in two weeks, so I’ll be based there soon!

  2. Ruth Says:

    I LOVED Aberrations. Fantastic book. I had the opportunity to meet Penelope Przekop last month, which was a wonderful experience!

  3. loopyloo100 Says:

    Meghan – Hope your move runs smoothly and we look forward to your arrival.

    Ruth – It does look good and what a great experience for you.

    gautami tripathy – No it doesn’t matter where you’re from, you’re very welcome here.

  4. Ann Darnton (Table Talk) Says:

    I’m in the UK, in Birmingham to be precise. There are quite a few of us. If you come over to my site and e-mail me from there I can put you in touch with others.

  5. Another Book Blogger Says:

    Well, I’m in the US, just across the ocean. Always good to find fellow book bloggers – it is not as easy as some people would think.

  6. bookworm Says:

    enjoy your reading 🙂 Aberrations sounds very good.

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