Losing You by Patricia Debney

Losing You by Patricia Debney

A book that gives us a glimpse of the lives of two women: Marilyn and Hillary over the space of a few days. In the first half of the book we hear the voice of Marilyn and the second half we hear the voice of Hilary. Marilyn a counsellor loses her father and is in the process of grieving and re-evaluating her life and even though she guides many of her clients through their various problems, she feels a bit at a loss about her own existence with husband Doug and son Lewis. Her new friend Hilary has a son Aaron, who is the same age as Lewis and her other half is Adam who also appears to have a soft spot for Marilyn.

This was a very compelling read and these two women seem to be trying to find their place in the world and it really does make you think and wonder about the lives of others and how complex they may actually be. I really enjoyed reading it and wondering what did happen to Marilyn as the book has undertones that something macabre may have happened, or at least that’s the way it made me feel, as I thought it had an eerie feel most of the way through.

I thought this was a great read that is asking me to read again shortly and I strongly recommend it.


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