You Belong to Me by Mary Higgins Clark

You belong to Me by Mary Higgins Clark is about Dr. Susan Chandler who is a clinical psychologist and also has a slot called Ask Dr Susan on a popular radio station. On one of these shows Susan has a guest: Dr Donald Richards who has lost his wife and written a book called Vanishing Women and this discussion finds them talking about Regina a lady who disappeared off a cruise ship; this leads to another lady, Carolyn, who calls into the show and states she had befriended a man on a cruise ship. Following on from this call she states she will send Susan the ring this man gave her with the inscription; “You Belong To Me” and also a photo. Before this can happen she is run over by a van and ends up in a coma in hospital. Death then follows death in this fast paced novel.

I did enjoy, to a degree, this novel and it was a very quick read and had me wanting to know what was going to happen next. It tries to confuse you over who was the really bad guy, but I think most people will see who he is quite quickly. Even though I enjoyed the thriller I found a problem with the characters in the book, as they all appeared very flat, cold and dull and I couldn’t warm to any of them. It isn’t one of my favorite thrillers, but if you find it on your TBR pile it’s good for a quick read.


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