Three To Get Deadly by Janet Evaovich

Three To Get Deadly by Janet Evanovich is the third in the Stephanie Plum series.

She’s a bounty hunter on the hunt for Mo Bedemier (with a strange shaped nose!) who runs a local store and had disappeared after being found in possession of a gun. He is the local friendly guy and people believe he can do no wrong and so Stephanie is not popular with the locals when trying to trace him. Lots of people generally end up dead and Stephanie’s hamster ends up in a precarious position. Stephanie has her eye’s on a local cop: Morelli, not that she’ll admit it and she can’t understand why he’s not making passes at her, when that’s generally what he’s done to her all her life.

This took a little while for me to get into as it was the first Stephanie Plum novel I had read and I found it to take a bit of time to get to know the characters. It certainly was a fun read and Stephanie’s family are a real hoot. Some of the chatter between Stephanie’s father and her grandmother is especially hilarious.

I did wonder at the half way point if I would actually pick up another Stephanie Plum novel, but now I have a feel for the character’s I believe I most definitely will.

Like your books humorous, light hearted with a bit of crime & adventure? Then these are for you!


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2 Responses to “Three To Get Deadly by Janet Evaovich”

  1. lynmarie Says:

    I recommend reading this series in order. Each main plot is good on its own, but the characters and background stories develop as the series goes along. I’m on “Hard Eight” and am enjoying reading this series this summer.

  2. thelogiczone Says:

    Thanks lynmarie! I’m not sure I’ll be reading lots from the series, but I’ll certainly keep my eye out for: Four to Score

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