The Discworld Companion by Terry Pratchett

Many years ago I loved reading Terry Pratchett and I was lucky enough to meet him at a book signing and I bought the first edition of The Discworld Companion and I have a personal greeting from him written inside. It’s not a book I will be parting with and it’s the only signed book that I own. It’s not actually a novel and is as it suggests: A companion to The Discworld series and explains what’s what!

The Discworld is a mysterious place and is carried by a giant turtle called A’tuin that has four elephants, Berilia, Tubul, Great T’Phon and Jerakeen, riding on it’s back that support the world.

I started by reading the first book: The Colour of Magic, which I absolutely loved and I thought the character of the Luggage was brilliant. I haven’t read any of his later novels and so unable to comment on their content.


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