Personality test

the dreamy idealistDreamy Idealist

Click on the DI in green to find more out about my personality!

Adjectives which describe my type:

introverted, theoretical, emotional, spontaneous, idealistic, dreamy, effusive, pleasant, reserved, friendly, passionate, loyal, perfectionist, helpful, creative, composed, curious, obstinate, with integrity, willing to make sacrifices, romantic, cautious, shy, peace-loving, vulnerable, sensitive, communicative, imaginative

These subjects could be of interest to me:

Literature, philosophy, psychology, music, art (museums), writing, drawing/painting, astrology, spiritual things, meditation, handicrafts, writing, voluntary work

Isn’t it interesting that the first interest that comes up is literature, but then when some of you look at the books that I read you could question this – lol.

I have actually read and enjoyed a few classics, but they’re just not for me at the moment. I have phases!

What personality type are you?

I find it interesting to find out about the different personality types and how they relate to each other and how different areas of personality can cause conflict.


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