Lucky by Alice Sebold

The strength of Alice really shines through in this memoir.

Alice Sebold, a student, was raped at 18 and when meeting her assailant on the streets a few month’s later she has no hesitation but to report it to the police and prosecute. She hopes then that she can write a line under this event, but later having to deal with the loss of a friendship (but because it’s a spoiler I won’t go into) she realises life will not be so straightforward. Alice also had to deal with the fact that her mother suffered panic attacks through life and could not always be there physically to support her daughter, which must have been dreadfully hard for both of them. We also see how Alice deals with the relationships with the opposite sex, which held so many different feelings and thoughts for her.

This account by Alice Sebold of her rape and the way she tries to cope shows a great inner strength, however also shows the devastating stress that she suffers from the event, which initially she does not give full credence to as she doesn’t realise how much this has taken a hold of her. This memoir is warm, it’s uplifting, and also so terribly sad. Alice tells this account in a very non dramatic and straightforward way, and yet is still so full of feeling.

I’m not sure who to recommend this book to, as although I found it a gripping and emotional read, I do wonder if it would overwhelm some people and empower others, but I don’t believe I’m here to judge.


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2 Responses to “Lucky by Alice Sebold”

  1. thewritingrunner Says:

    Very nice review! Have you read Sebold’s new book, The Almost Moon? I’m running a contest on my blog and giving away free copies if you’re interested! 🙂

  2. loopyloo100 Says:

    Thank you! I’ve not read The Almost Moon yet. I’d love to enter the contest, but I see it’s for the US and Canada only. Never mind! 🙂

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